Catapult Media Solutions
Bespoke quality at a competitive price

From video PowerPoint presentations and video emails to interactive website video; we create high quality solutions to transform your communications.

Specific communication goals require specific solutions. An interview format on location at a client's site or in a studio may be ideal for communicating detailed information. It also has the benefit of providing credibility and legitimacy through an editorial environment.
Catapult Value
Existing content broadcast from £50 per month e.g. TV advert
Studio filming from £750
  Interactive presentations from £2,000  

However, translating a complex business solution may require a different approach. Interactive options providing additional information at a click of a button may be required to enable the viewer to absorb key messages at their own speed.

This creates an immersive experience that fuses video with other rich content such as data, graphics and sound. In both examples, the experience is instant. The result is a 'lean forward' effect that entices the viewer to engage more deeply with the content.

Whatever the solution we provide bespoke quality at a competitive price. Whether you require new material to be filmed or have existing footage that you would like to make available online, Catapult can provide a highly cost effective and professional solution that is second to none.

Profit from your communications

Online video compliments and enhances your existing marketing communications and is particularly good at translating complex product offerings or business issues into understandable communications. Humans like to communicate; technologies that reduce communication 'friction' by relaying information and ideas more quickly and more easily, lead to increased understanding. Online video works! Return on investment can be achieved through direct profits and cost or time savings and increased customer loyalty by enabling more efficient and effective communications.

The technology to deliver online video is now firmly established and cost effective. Online video can now be viewed by more than 97% of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide*. Email was the 'killer application' for narrowband – video is now the 'killer application' for broadband.

* Millward Brown survey, conducted June 2006.

Maximising return on investment

Adaptability is the key. It's not just about the web. Catapult record footage in broadcast quality digital format so that it can be converted to any media output from high quality conference exhibition and DVD's to online streaming and podcasts. This enables your content to be delivered to your target audiences in a way which suits them and you. It brings a whole new meaning to 'customer focused'. Think of us as rocket fuel for your communications.

The ultimate marketing tool

Put simply... Catapult delivers on every level. Our aim is to help you deliver marketing tools that exceed every expectation. We provide solutions with both quantitative and qualitative returns on investment – solutions that work.

If you would like any more information on our solutions, please contact us.

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